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Stair Runners from The Rug Gallery

Stair runners are a great addition for any home, no matter how many stairs you have. They create a focal point and provide visual interest in a small or complicated space. Even the most awkward, curvy, or uneven stairs can be fitted with custom stair runners from The Rug Gallery! 

Why do I need stair runners on my steps?

Stair runners don’t only bring style to your home, they also provide a variety of additional benefits. These include:


Hardwood stairs can be dangerous. As beautiful as they are, they can be slippery, making them hazardous for adults, children, and pets alike. By adding stair runners to your steps, you add stability and traction for everyone who may go up and down them.

Stair Protection

Over time, your hardwood floors will get scuffed, scratched, and wear down. This will naturally happen over time as your stairs age. Stair runners help protect your stairs from the wear and tear gained from use.


Everyone hates the feeling of cold hardwood on bare feet, especially through the winter months. Stair runners provide comfort and cushion for those going up and down them all year!

Style and Sound Muffling

Your stair runners should create an eye-popping focal point and muffle sound. To avoid any area of your home looking bare, especially where space is limited, we’ve got a simple solution: add a stair runner!

Find Stair Runners at The Rug Gallery

If you’re interested in adding a stair runner to your home, The Rug Gallery can fit a custom runner to any staircase you have in your home. Contact us today to learn more about our custom runners, or any other rug you may be on the hunt for!