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The Rug Gallery Cincinnati


Embark on a journey of transformation and artistry for your home with The Rug Gallery. What started as a personal fascination with a single Oriental rug has evolved into an awe-inspiring tale of beauty and craftsmanship that we’re eager to share with homeowners like you.

Picture this: a quaint 750 sq. ft. storefront near the University of Cincinnati, where our passion was first showcased. Today, that passion has flourished into a sprawling 21,000 sq. ft. showroom in Blue Ash—bursting with possibilities to adorn and elevate your living spaces.

The moment you step into our gallery you will be greeted by a number rugs that transcend time and culture. Each rug holds within its fibers a story of artistry, an expression of culture, and a touch of luxury that can redefine any room.

We’re more than rug dealers; we’re your partners in curating a home that echoes your personality and style. Our expertise in color and design stems from years of dedication to our craft, allowing us to meticulously select rugs that span a wide range of tastes and budgets.

In your journey as a homeowner, our commitment to your needs and aspirations becomes a guiding light. Whether you’re seeking to infuse a room with warmth, add a pop of color, or create an elegant focal point, our rugs are the keys to achieving your vision.

Our reputation goes beyond our Cincinnati roots; it resonates globally within the intricate world of rugs. Awarded “The Best Specialty Rug Retailer in America” by the Atlanta Floor Covering Market, we’re proud to bring this excellence and dedication to your doorstep.

Your home deserves more than just furnishings; it deserves the touch of artistry that only a meticulously handpicked rug can offer. Join us in the journey of elevating your space—visit The Rug Gallery and see your vision come to life. Your home, reimagined.

The Rug Gallery