22 Feb

How to Choose a Rug: Top 3 Design Tips

Are you looking for the perfect match for your home? Just like finding the perfect person, finding the perfect rug for your home can feel intimidating. But don’t worry, The Rug Gallery is here to help! Our team of experienced designers has been helping people find their perfect rug match for years, and we’re here […]
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19 Dec

Oriental Rug FAQs

The Rug Gallery is a great resource for learning more about Oriental rugs. We understand that many customers have questions, so we've put together a list of frequently asked questions to help. Whether you're a first-time buyer or looking to add to an existing collection, these frequently asked questions provide an overview of important topics [...]
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Boho Rugs
19 Apr

Boho Rugs: Bring the Boutique Look Home

The light fixtures. The plants. The fun layered rugs. How often do you walk into your favorite boutique and wish you could bring that same look and feel to your own home? You can! Boho rugs bring a fun, relaxed style to any space. What is boho style? Boho is short for Bohemian, an eclectic [...]
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Anatolian rug banner
16 Feb

Anatolian Rugs: What You Need to Know

Anatolian Rugs: Colors and Patterns for Every Design Scheme Anatolian rugs are beautiful Turkish carpets filled with history and symbolism. Their bright colors and mesmerizing patterns continue to inspire awe, just as they have done for millennia. Best of all, they work with just about any interior design—including yours! The Rug Gallery President Beau Presnell [...]
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27 Jan
Carpet, Rug

Very Peri: The 2022 Pantone Color of the Year

At The Rug Gallery, we believe design is all about taking chances in creativity and freedom of expression, and your floors are no different. After all, rugs are art for the floor! This month, get your design inspiration from this year’s Pantone Color of the Year: Very Peri.  This “official hue of 2022” encompasses shades [...]
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Closeup of hand touching different types of carpet samples
14 Sep

Types of Carpet

Carpet is carpet is carpet, right? Wrong. There are a wide variety of carpet styles, including different fiber and pile options. Learn more about the main types of carpet below.  Types of Carpet Fiber Wool  Wool is one of the highest-quality carpet materials on the market. It’s soft, holds onto color well, and can be [...]
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Bed with white comforter and green blanket with several area rugs on floor
17 Aug

How to Choose an Area Rug

Area rugs are beautiful and versatile additions to any home. However, choosing the right shape, size, and color for your room can be a difficult task. Here are tips on how to choose an area rug that's perfect for your space. Where to Place Area Rugs Living Rooms Area rugs work best in the middle [...]
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Four types of luxury vinyl tile
16 Jul

Common Myths About LVT

If you’re considering replacing your current flooring, you may have heard of luxury vinyl tile (LVT). It has grown in popularity over the last few years, and with more styles continually coming out, it’s becoming common in many homes across the US.  However, some are skeptical of the quality of LVT. After all, the name [...]
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Side-by-side image of gray carpet vs gray hardwood
02 Jul
Carpet, Hardwood

Carpet vs Hardwood: Which Is Right for You?

When it comes to flooring choices, carpet and hardwood are two of the most popular options on the market. They seem to be the opposite in almost every way: carpet is soft, quiet, and warm, whereas hardwood is a firm, natural solution that can have a long lifespan. However, carpet and hardwood both have their [...]
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Overhead of luxury vinyl tile flooring that looks like wood
02 Jun

3 Reasons Why Should You Invest in Luxury Vinyl Tile

If you’re remodeling your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or other room in your home, you may be considering a luxury flooring option. While luxury vinyl tile is a high-quality choice, it can also be a high-dollar choice. Why should you invest in this type of flooring when there are other, more inexpensive options available? We'll [...]
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