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The Rug Gallery Custom Stair Runners

Custom Stair Runners

A high-quality stair runner can help take a staircase to whole new level. However, choosing the right size and style to fit your space can be a challenge. At The Rug Gallery, we have a large selection of custom stair runners that are made just for you. We can fit your unique space!

If you have an area with long or bare hard surface flooring, custom rugs from The Rug Gallery would be an excellent way to break them up. By adding color and texture throughout the area, you make it much more visually appealing!

What are Custom Stair Runners?

Stair runners are perfect for almost any staircase. They create a focal point and provide visual interest in a small or complicated space. Whether you have a grand, formal staircase, or just some stairs that need a little love, adding carpet can be exactly what it needs.

The Rug Gallery offers custom stair runners customized to fit perfectly in your space, no matter the size or shape.

The Rug Gallery Stair Runners

Why are Stair Runners Used?

  • To break up large areas of solid surface flooring
    If you have a long expansive of solid surface flooring (like stairs), custom stair runners would be a great option to break them up, by adding color, texture, and warmth to the space.
  • To protect flooring
    Any high-traffic area in your home may need a little bit of protection. Custom stair runners would be a great solution to protect your steps over years of use
  • To eliminate bareness
    Long staircases need a little extra love sometimes. To avoid any area of your home looking bare, especially where space is limited, we’ve got a simple solution: add décor in the form of a rug!
  • To make slippery floors safer
    Hardwood floors can be very slippery, especially going up and down the stairs. Custom stair runners give you an extra layer of safety, reducing the likelihood that you’ll slip and fall.
  • To eliminate some noise
    Carpeting assists in noticeably dampening noise. If your space causes noises to echo, a custom stair runner may help in eliminating this.

Contact The Rug Gallery today to learn more about our custom stair runners, or any other rug you may be on the hunt for!