Stair Runners

Custom Stair Runners

If you have a stairway with long or bare hard surface flooring, carpet stair runners are an excellent way to break them up. By adding color and texture throughout the area, you make it much more visually appealing!

Installing a runner rug on your stairway creates a focal point and provides visual interest in a small or complicated space. Whether you have a grand, formal staircase, or just some stairs that need a little love, adding a beautiful carpet can be exactly what it needs. At The Rug Gallery in Cincinnati we can help you find the perfect custom stair runners for your space.

What are stair runners?

Stair runners are runner rugs installed over a hard-surface stairway floor such as tile or hardwood. They typically do not cover the entire width of the stair. In Victorian times, metal rods or clips were added to hold stair runners in place, but carpet staples and underlay do the job these days. If you do see stair rods or clips used on a stair runner installation, they are most likely decorative.

Add style and safety this holiday season

Having family and friends over is one of the biggest highlights of the holiday season! By adding a stair runner, you can ensure your home impresses your in-laws, while keeping everyone safe. Check out our newest TV spot for stair runner style inspiration.

My stairway is too big/small/awkward. Do you offer custom stair runners?

Absolutely! A high-quality stair runner can help take a staircase to a whole new level. However, choosing the right size and style to fit your space can be a challenge. Not to worry! The Rug Gallery has a large selection of stair runners that are custom-measured and made just for you. We can fit your unique space!

Why should I have a stair runner installed?

Having your stairs carpeted with a runner has many benefits. Some reasons we recommend them include:

Gray and white stair runner on a installed on a wooden staircase in Cincinnati, Ohio

To break up large areas of solid surface flooring

If you have a long expansive of solid surface flooring (like stairs), stair runner carpet is a great option to break them up, by adding color, texture, and warmth to the space.


To protect flooring

Any high-traffic area in your home may need a little bit of protection. Custom stair runners are a great solution to protect your steps over years of use

Gray and white stair runner installed on brown wooden staircase in Cincinnati, Ohio

To eliminate bareness

Long staircases need a little extra love sometimes. To avoid any area of your home looking bare, especially where space is limited, we’ve got a simple solution: add décor in the form of a rug!

Black and gold custom stair runner installed on brown and white staircase in Cincinnati, Ohio

To make slippery floors safer

Hardwood floors can be very slippery, especially going up and down the stairs. Having stair runners installed gives you an extra layer of safety, reducing the likelihood that you’ll slip and fall.

neutral stairs

To eliminate some noise

Carpeting assists in noticeably dampening noise. If your space causes noises to echo, carpet on your stairs may help in eliminating this.

Popular Stair Runner Styles

Stair runner with gray and white diamond pattern


Diamond stair carpets make both a visual and textural addition to your home. Diamond carpet styles provide unlimited color possibilities and is perfect for both traditional and modern homes.

Stair runner with black, gray, and white plaid pattern


Plaid is a classic design choice that is making a comeback in contemporary and modern homes! It’s one of the most recognizable patterns in the world, and available in a variety of materials and colors.

Blue and gray stair runner with white spots going up brown and white wood staircase

Animal Print

Don’t go ordinary—go extraordinary! Bring a touch of the outdoors to your stair carpet with exciting patterns and colors to create a one-of-a-kind staircase.

Stair runner on brown wooden steps with gray and white geometric pattern


Geometric patterns can be big and bold or small and subtle. They draw the eye and add depth to the style of your staircase. Available in a variety of colors, geometric stair carpets can work in almost every home!

Stair Runners from The Rug Gallery

If you’re interested in having carpet installed on your stairs, The Rug Gallery is happy to offer you a wide variety of styles, patterns, and colors. Our expert installers right here in Cincinnati have years of experience fitting stair runners to even the most difficult staircases. We customize every stair carpet runner installation so each unique staircase is perfectly fitted. Being a local business near you means everything from measuring to installation is handled with a personal touch.

We’d love to show you our wide selection of stair runner styles. Stop by or contact us today!