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Why a Master Carpet Installer Matters

Did you know there are only a handful of registered master carpet installers nationwide? These highly-skilled floor techs have decades of professional carpet installation experience. They have the knowledge to tackle a variety of carpets and any problems that may arise on-site, but they’re rare. 

Unless you choose The Rug Gallery, that is. We have two—right here in Cincinnati! It’s what sets professional carpet installation at The Rug Gallery apart. You can rest assured your installation will be handled by skilled professionals.

Q&A with Master Carpet Installer Jesse Monte

Jesse is one of our master carpet installers at The Rug Gallery. Here, he explains why working with a master installer makes a difference when it comes to a carpet installation project in your home.

What’s your experience and background as a master carpet installer?

I’ve been a master installer for about five years now, but I began my installation career back when I was 19, 20 years old. With 20 years of experience, even before receiving my master certification, there are a lot of things that have popped up on the job that you just don’t see if you’re only doing it part-time, or if you’ve only got a few years in the industry. You just haven’t come across different situations.

But with 25 years for myself of experience, I’ve seen a lot. I haven’t seen everything, but I have been able to see a lot. I’m able to use that experience and knowledge to even address things that perhaps I haven’t experienced. So that’s something that people value very much—experience when it comes to the trades, not just somebody who is breaking into the industry. To be able to have the confidence to know that the installation can take place in a very timely manner, and also be installed professionally. That’s the confidence that you can receive at The Rug Gallery.

How does the quality of work differ from when a master installer is sent to your home rather than a contractor?

When it comes to general installation of carpet, the average installer is trying to get in and get out. Plus, there have been many shortcuts over the years that have been applied by generation after generation of installers. It leaves you with a very subpar installation experience where it may lead to wrinkles in your carpet, the poor installation. It just won’t look right. 

Installing it right is something we take pride in at The Rug Gallery. There are certified ways that we take care to use in our installation methods to provide you with the best installation possible. Even for a master installer, however, things can go wrong. We guarantee our installation for the carpet’s lifetime (as it relates to the installation itself). So, we’ll come back and fix whatever it is that may need fixing. That’s something that you just don’t find in this day and age.

How is The Rug Gallery's employment of master installers unique in relation to the overall industry?

At The Rug Gallery, Clint Sampson and me—we’re both master installers and that is something that’s very rare. There’s only a handful of registered installers across the nation. So to have two here in Cincinnati, that’s a privilege—both for us to be able to work for The Rug Gallery as well as for The Rug Gallery to be able to provide expert services of installation in your home.

In what ways do master carpet installers improve the services offered by The Rug Gallery?

For The Rug Gallery to be able to utilize two master installers on your installation is very unique. It’s hard to find qualified people, even two qualified installers, to begin with. So to have two that are certified, that’s something that’s beneficial for everyone involved.

Professional Carpet Installation: 9 Steps to Get Prepared

Being ready for your professional carpet installation will make the entire process go faster and more efficiently. Knowing what to expect will be a lot less stressful for you and your family. Here are 9 steps to take to prepare your home for our master carpet installers.

  1. Remove Furniture
  2. Know What To Do With Your Present Floor Covering
  3. Consider Your Options Regarding the Trim
  4. Seek Advice on Your Subflooring
  5. Think About the Doors
  6. ​​Be Clear About the Clean-up
  7. Installation Day Requires Your Presence
  8. Keep Your Family Away From the Work Area
    9. Don’t Forget the Walk-through

If you’d like to learn more about carpet installation by our master installers, please visit us in Blue Ash at 9350 Kenwood Road or call 513-793-9505.

Two master carpet installers performing professional carpet installation in Cincinnati