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Rug Pads

Do You Need a Rug Pad?

Rug pads may seem like something optional to make your rug more comfortable to walk on in your home, but the truth is that rug pads are quite necessary to preserve the beauty, integrity, and utility of your area and Oriental rugs.

Rug Pads Double the Life of Your Rug

The back of the rug is where the wool, polyester, or whatever material is used to make the rug is knotted and woven to create the patterns you see. When a rug backing is allowed to slide on a floor or is walked on without a pad underneath it, it can be hard on the fibers and can cause them to loosen or become damaged. A rug pad, however, absorbs the shock between people walking on it and the floor underneath it, protecting the rug at its most vulnerable point.

The Rug Gallery Rug Pads
The Rug Gallery Rug Pad

Do You Need a Rug Pad if You Have Carpet?

Often, rugs are bought by individuals who have hardwood in their homes. Without a rug pad underneath, even the nicest Oriental rug will slide across a hardwood floor. Which leaves those with carpet wondering if they really need to have a rug pad. Even if you have carpet underneath your rug, a rug pad will still protect it and will create an even softer, more cushioned feel.