Rug Cleaning

Your area and Oriental rugs deserve the best care and cleaning available. At The Rug Gallery, we provide gentle, effective rug cleaning that will extend the life of your rug. Additional services are available that can help freshen, protect, and restore your rugs.

Professional rug cleaning services are essential for maintaining the beauty and structural integrity of rugs. With access to advanced tools and knowledge of the most effective cleaning methods, experienced technicians can protect rugs from further damage and ensure that their quality remains intact.

Why Use Professional Rug Cleaning Services

Your rug serves as the centerpiece of any room, so its important to remember that a rug is an investment that needs proper care. Regular professional cleaning can help extend its lifespan by removing dirt, dust, and other debris which can accumulate over time. Our professional cleaning technicians also have the necessary expertise when it comes to the use of specialized detergents or equipment to gently yet effectively remove tough stains without causing damage or fading.

Additionally, professional rug cleaning will eliminate unpleasant odors lving within the fibers from time. Although, many homeowners turn to DIY solutions for dealing with strong smells like pet odors, these alterntaive methods often do more harm than good; treatments may fade away odors temporarily but may end up causing considerable damage to the fabric in the process. When you choose The Rug Gallery, you can count on safe and non-toxic deodorizers that get rid of odors completely without damaging the material.

Note: If you live within a 10-mile radius of our store located at 9350 Kenwood Rd, we will pick up your rug for cleaning, return it to your home and install for a small fee.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

When we receive your rug or pick it up from your home, we start with a thorough inspection and document any areas of concern that you may have or we identify. This ensures we meet your expectations and your rug is cleaned effectively.

Before washing, we thoroughly remove all dust and grit from the backing up. This critical step maximizes the effectiveness of the cleaning process and is essential to your family’s health.

We wash your rugs using surfactants that are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and safe for wool, silk, and dye. We carefully clean your rug, giving special attention to spots, fringe, and heavily soiled areas. Your rug is hand washed and thoroughly rinsed.

Quick, careful drying is essential to ensuring that your rug looks its best. Our extractors remove more than 90% of the water. This speed up the drying time and prohibits bleeding and browning. Your rug is carefully manicured, brushed, and dried in our humidity-controlled dry room.

After drying is completed, each rug is vacuumed and then spot treated for any stains that may not have come out during the wash. Fringes are carefully inspected and may be redone in order to look their best. The team member who completes the final inspection signs off on that tag.

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We offer a $50 pick up fee for cleaning within a 10-mile radius of the store that includes pick up, delivery, and spreading.

Special Rug Cleaning and Protection Services

At The Rug Gallery, we value your investment, which is why we prioritize providing superior service every step of the way. Let us help you keep your rugs looking beautiful! Aside from regular cleaning, we offer special stain removal treatments and protection services that help extend the life of your rug.

Brown carpet covered in mold and mildrew in need of repair

Mold or Mildew Remediation

Before tossing a rug out that has suffered mold or mildew damage, bring it to us as quickly as you can. We’ve had success using different treatments with different chemicals in mold and mildew extractions.

Small brown and white dog sitting next to pet stain on blue and white rug in need of cleaning

Pet Stain Cleaning

Pet accidents can cause permanent damage to the wool fiber or dye, especially if left untreated. Rug cleaning with special enzyme soaks and intense rinsing to remove the stains can prevent these contaminants from causing further damage. Stain removal and color restoration are possible.

Fingers holding cigarette next to rug causing odors

Odor Removal

Using a special treatment, we can remove the smell of mildew, pets, smoke and soot. Our process removes the source of the odor and is not a fragrance to mask the odor. Your rug will be returned to you smelling fresh and clean.

Green wool rug with colorful floral pattern treated with wool protection spray

Wool Protection

We have used Solar Seal Sunfade and Stain Protection for many years with excellent results. It is helpful in preventing permanent staining.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Rug Gallery understands that you want to keep the beauty of your rug intact, which is why it’s important to keep up with rug cleaning. If you have questions about professional or DIY rug cleaning, we’ve got the answers. For more questions about how to clean your rugs, don’t hesitate to contact The Rug Gallery for assistance.

When it comes to a cost for rug cleaning, most people charge by the square foot. It also depends on what kind of rug you have (i.e., machine-woven, hand-made, braided, etc.)

At The Rug Gallery, we have set costs for each rug we clean. If it’s machine-woven, for instance, we charge $3 per square foot. If it’s hand-woven, hand-tufted, hand-loomed, or two-sided, we charge $3.50 per square foot. We hand-clean everything, so we’re not letting a machine do all the work. If something goes wrong with the machine, the rug is ruined. We have much more control over the quality of the clean and the safety of the rug when we do it by hand.

A lot of people believe we simply buy a giant cleaning machine and just let it go. Professionals clean rugs by getting the dirt out of them before cleaning them. If you can imagine, back in the old days you’d see pictures of people taking a rug outside, hanging it over a line, and beating it with rug beaters. That’s like what we do today first, but we have a machine that does that for us. We run that machine over the back of the rug to vibrate the dust out from the back of the rug, then a vacuum system sucks the dirt out of the front. Many people wash their rugs from the top of it, which pushes all the dirt to the back and can create a cement-like layer at the back of the rug.

Then, we clean everything by hand. We use different detergents based on the different materials that are in the rug. If you have a silk rug, for example, we would use a different detergent with a different pH to it than what we would use for a wool rug.

Cleaning by hand allows us to adjust the cleaning process as we go on. Not every rug is the same. If you have an old, antique rug that’s very fragile, hand-cleaning may be the only thing that will work. With a rug like that, you would not want a machine to touch it due to fear of damaging it.

After it is cleaned, we extract the water from it and place it in our drying room. This room has fans and dehumidifiers that help take the moisture out of the rugs as well. The rug will stay there until it is completely dry. Remember, rugs are usually woven through the back. So, when it gets wet, especially if you’re working with a natural fiber like wool or silk, you have to make sure both the front and back are completely dry. If not, you run the risk of mold and mildew.


A lot of people believe there is a specific period of time you should have between rug cleaning. It depends on if the rug is dirty and if it has traffic lines. You should only clean a rug when it needs to be cleaned because cleaning can take the life out of a rug. We’ve had some people come in and say, “my rug hasn’t been cleaned in five years,” and it looks brand new. There is no set frequency when you should get your rug cleaned; only clean it when it gets dirty.

Rugs do not fade when cleaned. That is a common misconception. It can take some life or body out of it, but cleaning will not take color out of it.

Do not use carpet cleaner on a wool rug. A lot of commercial carpet cleaners leave a lot of residues, which can seriously damage a rug made of natural fibers. If you have any questions about whether the solution you’re using is safe, ask a professional before using it. Since each rug is different, there is no single best cleaning product for all rugs.

With a wool rug, you have to be more careful of the hP level since it’s a natural fiber. The detergent you use should be between a 7–8 on the pH scale; this is what we call a neutral solution. It’s not alkaline, it’s not acidic, it’s right in the middle.

Wool is like your hair; it’s a protein just like your hair is. You would do the same thing for a wool rug that you would do for your hair. You wouldn’t be overly aggressive with the acidity or alkaline when washing your own hair, so be sure to use a gentle detergent when cleaning a wool rug.

To freshen up a wool rug, begin by mixing ¼ teaspoon of detergent with a quart of water. Take a white towel and submerge it in the solution, then wring it out so it’s damp. Wipe the rug down with the grain of the rug to take the surface dirt off, rinsing off the towel in the solution as you go.

When vacuuming a braided rug, do not use a vacuum with a beater bar or really intense suction. If you can adjust the suction level of your vacuum, use the lowest setting. Many modern vacuums can be very dangerous and harmful to braided rugs, especially soft fibers like woven silk.

To spot-clean a woven rug, you need a very soft brush and a gentle detergent. Mix ¼ teaspoon of detergent with a quart of water and gently scrub it in. Once the rug is scrubbed, take a white towel and blot the wet spot until the moisture is out. If the spot is still there, repeat this process until clean.

The Rug Gallery in Cincinnati is the perfect choice for all of your rug cleaning needs. With experienced and knowledgeable staff, we offer top-of-the-line services that can restore any kind of rug to its former glory without compromising quality.

Our team specializes in deep cleaning techniques that safely yet effectively remove dirt, dust, and odors from rugs so that homeowners can enjoy their rugs for years to come. Plus, our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that each job is completed properly and with a focus on detail.

If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy source for professional rug cleaning services, look no further than The Rug Gallery. We’re located in Blue Ash, OH on Kenwood Road near the Sleepy Bee Cafe. See you soon!