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At The Rug Gallery, we carry a wide variety of quality brands. Some of our top brands include the following.

Oriental Weavers

The Rug Gallery is proud to sell COREtec products. COREtec, a leading manufacturer of waterproof floors, is known for their durable layers. These planks don’t warp or buckle no matter how wet they get, making them perfect for any part of your house. Everyday spills are easily handled, and even floods won’t cause damage. From kitchens to laundry rooms and everything in between, these floors are a great option.

COREtec floors boast four layers: the wear layer, luxury vinyl design layer, COREtec core structure, and the attached cork underlayment. These four layers are durable, robust, and guaranteed to last for years. If you’re interested in learning more about COREtec or any other flooring option, contact The Rug Gallery for more information!