What Are Oriental Weavers Rugs?

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Oriental Weavers rugs are imported to the U.S. from Egypt. Machine-made and high-quality, these rugs are built to last. Listen to Sam Presnell of The Rug Gallery discuss the details of Oriental Weavers rugs. Listen or read more to find out if an Oriental Weavers rug is right for you.


John Maher: Welcome to The Rug Gallery with Sam Presnell. The Rug Gallery is an Oriental rug company and a carpet store in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m John Maher, and I’m here with the owner of The Rug Gallery, Sam Presnell. Hi, Sam.

Sam Presnell: Hi, John.

John: Sam, today we’re talking about Oriental Weavers rugs. So, what are Oriental Weavers rugs and how are they made?

Sam:  Oriental Weavers is actually a manufacturer from Egypt and they are in the machine-made side of the business. Today, they also import handmade rugs as well, but their main business is machine-made now, so [they] have come to the U.S. in the last — I’m really bad about time, but I would imagine within the last ten years –and started manufacturing in their own facilities here in the U.S. as well.

Quality of Oriental Weavers Rugs

John: Is there anything that makes this particular brand of rugs unique when compared to other brands?

Sam: I think that one thing about Oriental Weavers again, they’re more of a quality company as far as dealing with them on the machine-made side. They really are, I think, incredible at color and design, and also in techniques of how … to get a look, that you really get a real authentic, hand-woven or antique or whatever style they’re trying to create. They’re really wizards at pulling that off and giving you great looks at a very reasonable cost.

Also, they do a lot of synthetic fibers in their piles. You’re going to find rugs that are more stain resistant than life-proof and you don’t have to worry about as much. Also, there are more affordable. I think you’ll find that the majority of Oriental Weavers rugs are very affordable for everyone. The people on the small budget side … I think that they will find something there that’s really great looking and quality for a reasonable cost.

Where to Display an Oriental Weavers Rug

John: Where are some good places in the home to display an Oriental Weavers rug?

Sam: Well, I always say the main tough area, I think, is usually your family room, could be a hallway, or a could be a kitchen area that you’re using [it] in. Somewhere where it gets a lot of steady use because they actually make a quality for a synthetic rug, they really make it in quality fibers. They’re not as prone to it as so many other manufacturers where they’re using lesser quality yarns that are not going to perform in high traffic.

Placing Expensive Rugs in High-Traffic Areas

John: Is that an issue if you’re going to put you know more of a handmade, more expensive rug in one of those high traffic areas that’s a little bit more risky because you could do some damage to the rug?

Sam: Not in my opinion. I think handmade rugs or more expensive rugs can definitely take the wear and tear. In fact, as good as, if not better, than a lot of the synthetic rugs. The thing with a good hand knotted is usually its wool, and it will clean up and look good like originally bought for year after year until you basically wear it out. Whereas a synthetic rug is just the opposite. You really can’t wear it out, but it tends what we call ‘ugly-out’ over time. It tends to dull or frost in the traffic areas where, basically, the yarn gets scratched and the color doesn’t come through as clear as the unworn areas of it.

John: All right, that’s really great information, Sam. Thanks again for speaking with me today.

Sam: You’re welcome, John. My pleasure.

John: For more information about Sam, The Rug Gallery and Oriental Rugs and Carpets, visit []. That’s rug gallery or call 513-793-9505. Make sure you catch the latest episode by subscribing to this podcast on iTunes. If you could take the time to give us a review as well, we’d appreciate that. I’m John Maher, see you next time on The Rug Gallery.

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