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Bright Future, Bold Choices

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Sales are up and the market is leaning in a more contemporary color palate. Below are some of my observations.

Things Are Looking Up

So far, 2013 has been consistently positive. This is the first time in five to six years that the upturn has remained consistent. Not only have we met goal; we’re actually a little over goal so far for the year. I’ve spoken to some of my contemporaries and they’re seeing the same. I’m cautiously optimistic. Sales that are trending up are being fueled mostly by quality-minded, high-end consumers and designers. We are seeing multiple unit sales, which means entire homes are either being built and decorated or existing homes being redecorated. With the new housing and remodeling markets up, I believe that people who have been sitting on the sidelines, waiting to breathe and let go of a little money are now going to feel it’s safe to spend, to move and to replace old tired-out looks.

Home Trends

The trends I’m seeing are color related. More cool blues, oranges such as tangerine, and a lot of silver and gray palates are making their way into homes across the country.

Contemporary Living Room by San Francisco Interior Designers & DecoratorsAmoroso DesignThe other big trend I’m seeing is in lower-end, soft polyester rugs. They feel great and look amazing for a low price with a more contemporary look. Also, I haven’t seen much activity, but I hear that dhurries, thick flat-woven rugs or carpets used traditionally in India, are back with a more saturated color look in simple Moroccan-themed designs.

Contemporary Living Room by Des Moines Interior Designers & DecoratorsNichole Staker DesignI am predicting brighter and deeper colors, at least here in the Midwest. People here have been so conservative the last five to six years; I think they’re ready for a little excitement. They’re seeing rugs as a quick freshen-up to old, tired looks. I also see an interest in revisiting the 1970’s and enjoying life, doing some things that give us joy and pleasure.

Contemporary Bedroom by Westport Interior Designers & DecoratorsConnie Cooper Designs

What are your observations of the market and where the color trend is heading?

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