Change is Hard

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I remember an old saying that sums up why people don’t change. Perhaps it will resonate with you; here it is: “People only change when the pain to change is less than the pain to stay the same.” Seems true, doesn’t it? Most people are perfectly happy with the status quo. For me, change has always been easy. I’ve never been satisfied with what I did yesterday; I get bored. I’m always on the lookout for the next new thing, or ways to improve how we do things. Maybe because of this, I have friends who ask me for advice. I’ve always given it freely, maybe because I always have an opinion, maybe because (as my wife says) I’m a “know it all.” I don’t think I’m a “know it all.” I like to share my opinions when asked. Whether you take my advice is completely up to you. My driving force is a challenge to make things better, more affordable. I may not know how to get what I want when I start; but I can see the end result in my mind. I believe a lot of designers have that trait as well.  Designers don’t make it easy to help them. I know you’re all busy with work and a personal life. It doesn’t really leave time for extras. But I really want to help you. I have a vision that will only come to fruition if you work with me.

The Internet is Here

It is ubiquitous. Everyone, including us, is using it to get what we want faster than ever. Why not use it to help people find you? The Rug Gallery has a Designer page on our website, where we list designers who work with us. We have five designers who have joined us on this site, where they have a free link to their business listing. Did I mention that it is FREE? We would like you to join with us as well. We’d like to help you get your name out there to the approximately 1500 people who visit our site every month, 500 of whom visit the Designer page. Can you honestly say that your business is so good that you would not want to put your name and portfolio in front of an additional 500 people every month? For FREE? Take a look at your own website and job portfolio. Are they up to date? When was the last time you updated your look online? It’s the key to staying relevant in the digital world.

Transitional Living Room by Cincinnati Interior Designers & DecoratorsDebbie Basnett, Vintage Scout Interiors

Change is Here

Help us help you on the Internet. We’re going to redesign the Designer page and would love to have you involved. Please contact Nancy Wiggenhorn here at The Rug Gallery. She can be reached at [email protected] or 513-793-9505. Nancy would be glad to give you all the information you need and help you get started.

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