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Top Designs for Rugs of 2015

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Everyone wants to know what’s next. Here’s my view from my rug travels. The three basic type of rug styles are traditional, transitional and modern.

Traditional Rugs

Traditional rugs are the rugs most people think of when they think of Oriental rugs. These styles are timeless and rarely, if ever, change. Some of the patterns can be traced back to the origins of Oriental rugs, hundreds of years ago. Mostly they are red and blue. Today traditional rugs also offer all the fashion colors as well. Grey, Soft teal blues, pinks and so on. 


Transitional Rugs

Transitional rugs currently are traditional designs that have borders taken off, designs opened up, or are in some way simplified. Some have some of their designs erased to appear as worn. Very tonal when you back off the rug and the design seems to disappear. There is an old, aged appearance. The color variation is so slight within the design or the pattern that it becomes barely noticeable. They feel very modern in most cases. The opposite trend in transitional rugs is color, bright color and more color. The same patterns and processes listed above; but in high fashion color. 


Modern Rugs

The third type of rug is modern. Currently, we’re seeing a lot of abstracts with color that looks like it was thrown at the rug a la Jackson Pollock. Bold. Definitely making a statement. Current modern styles are very organic, with a natural finish that is reminiscent of a rusty finish on hardware. Lots of shadows and highlights, making use of silk or one of the silk alternatives, like viscose. Transversely, we are still seeing a lot of grey/blue combinations in modern rugs currently available. But we are seeing a brighter, clearer sense of color up and coming too. In conclusion, modern or transitional are the hot side of rug fashion today and most definitely through 2015.

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