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How To Choose a Rug (Video)

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I think the most important thing about choosing a rug is to figure out what kind of a room you have and what’s the function of a room. How you see it, how you use it, are there kids, are there pets. I think those all play into what kind of performance you need out of a rug, maybe some of the coloring you would use on a rug, I think is a good starting point.

Well, that’s pretty easy today. I think that’s what I love about today’s modern world and the internet, is you can go on to sites like Houzz, and you can go through lots and lots of rooms. Are you looking for living room, or bedroom. Whatever room you’re looking for, you’ll be able to basically go through hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of actual room settings. You determine, I like this, I like this, you just save them and you do a Pinterest board or whatever you can come and say, “Here’s my style, here’s what I like.”

You might not be able to describe that style but you can show me what that style is, or you could say, “I saw this room, I love this room. This is the type of feeling I would like to create in this room.” It may not be that color that you pick, but at least you get would get the feel for the style sense.

That’s one thing that’s really great about our store, The Rug Gallery, and also available to everybody, is that there’s all kinds of qualities that are made out there. You have machine made rugs, you have them made from synthetic fibers, you have them made out of wool fibers, you can weave them all kinds of densities, you can have hand-knotted, you have hand-tufted which would be basically a rug that’s done by hand but it’s punched through with a tool and then glued to the back. When you look at it you see a cloth on the back. That makes a hand-knotted rug at a machine made price and looks very very good as well.

It depends on how long you want a rug to last and what’s your budget like, what do you feel comfortable spending? I think size is one of those things where I see most people make a mistake. They usually try…the first time they buy a rug they usually buy something too small. I would say, very seldomly would they buy a rug too big but I always look at…things have to have a proportion to them.

I think there’s lots of different rules to sizes. If you’ve got a room, do you want all the furniture on it? Do you want just part of the front legs of the furniture on it? Do you want it just to define the space itself, to be open with the furniture exposed around it? There’s lots of ways, just a little accent rug in front of a coffee table, just underneath the coffee table. I think there’s lots of different sizes you could use and you can use multiple rugs in a room.

I’m a person who believes in defining the space. I look at how the space is, how the furniture arrangement is, or else, how you’re planning on arranging the furniture and determine what that open area rug is and to find that space. I like to have at least the furniture a little bit on the rug. It’s anchored, it’s not moving, otherwise

you put furniture on a hardwood surface, it’s going to slide for you, whereas you put the furniture on the rug, it will help anchor it and keep it from moving when you sit down. I prefer to define the space with the rug and I try not to put too much of it underneath the furniture.

To me, it’s a very expensive product and it’s got a pattern and design to it. I really don’t want to have something that is hiding the beauty of that product as well.

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