Experience the Perfect Rug, In Your Space

Ditch the online browsing struggles! Our In-Home Showing Service lets you try before you buy. See how rugs look and feel in your space, get expert advice, and enjoy a risk-free trial.

Two Options to Suit Your Needs:

    • 3-Day Check Out: When you visit our store, you can check out up to 3 rugs to try in your home for up to three days. This flexibility allows you to assess how they look under different lighting conditions and ensure they complement your decor.
    • White-Glove Showing: For only $100, we offer a convenient, full-service option. Our professional team will deliver up to 3 rugs to your home, expertly place them (including furniture moving if needed), and help you visualize the perfect fit. Want to keep the rugs for the full 3-day trial period? No problem! For an additional $100, our team will return to pick them up at your convenience. Plus, if you decide to purchase a rug, the initial $100 fee is credited towards your purchase!

Browse & Select: Explore our extensive collection and choose 2-3 rugs for a stress-free trial.

Delivery & Placement: We’ll deliver your selections directly to your home (White-Glove Showing) or you can pick them up from our store (3-Day Check Out). Our team will expertly place each rug, even moving furniture if needed (White-Glove Showing).

3-Day Trial Period: Live with it! Take your time to see how the rugs complement your decor under different lighting conditions.

Expert Advice: Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to answer questions and offer design guidance, both in-store and during your White-Glove Showing appointment.

Risk-Free Decision Making: Don’t love a rug? We’ll pick it up at no extra cost (3-Day Check Out) or during our scheduled pick-up for White-Glove Showing. Find your dream rug? The $100 service fee (White-Glove Showing) goes towards your purchase!

Why Choose In-Home Showings?

Boho Persian Rugs

Visualize the Perfect Fit
See how rugs interact with your furniture, lighting, and overall decor. No more wondering if a rug will be too big or too small! (Applicable to both options)

Boho Rugs

Eliminate Sizing Concerns
Our team will ensure the rugs you choose are the perfect size and scale for your room (White-Glove Showing).

Boho Rugs

Color Confidence
Experience the rug’s true colors under natural and artificial light, eliminating worries about color mismatches. (Applicable to both options)

Boho Jute Rugs

Reduce Decision Fatigue
Focus on a select few rugs and make a confident decision based on a real-life experience. (Applicable to both options)

Ready to Experience the Difference?

Contact The Rug Gallery today to schedule your in-home showing appointment. Let’s create a beautiful and harmonious space together!