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Tibetan Rugs (Video)

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Tibetan rugs. I think it’s kind of interesting that people think that it’s all the rugs that come from Tibet. Actually, it can be, but the vast majority of Tibetan rugs are made in Nepal and usually made by the Tibetan refugees or else the companies that own the rug producers are Tibetan. A lot of their technique as far as their weaving which makes them different is they use a rod system which they tie the knot around which is very unique and really speeds up the process of making a rug. Also what’s really cool about the Tibetan rugs is the wool. Now, they do get their wool from Tibet, which it’s an indigenous sheep that has been bred for hundreds and hundreds of years, basically, for its wool coat. Basically, you have an extremely fine wool with long staple.

There’s something about a Tibetan rug when you look at the finish of it, how soft and how smooth, and it has a silkiness to it even though it’s wool, that no other – I don’t think any silk wool in the world has that type of look. There’s a few that simulate it, but the Tibetans consistently make the best wool and that’s what makes them different than any other rug that kind of looks like a Tibetan rug that is made in another country.

Also, what’s nice about the Tibetan rugs is you get a combination of wool and silk. You can get 100% wool. They have different thicknesses and different densities that they weave at so that can also affect the price, but you’re also seeing a lot of rugs that look like Tibetan rugs, being called Tibetan, but they’re made in other countries like India. So we see a lot of – even though they’re called Tibetan, we call them Indo-Tibetan. They’re not, in my words, the exact same thing as a Tibetan rug. But very cool rugs, they can do a lot of different things with Tibetan rugs, they can be very modern, they can be very traditional, transitional. They can just do texture. It’s really just a beautiful product and also beautiful people that make the product as well.

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