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The Rug Gallery Difference


I’m Sam Pressnell, and I’ve been at The Rug Gallery for 36 years.

I don’t think it’s one thing that makes us exceptional; I think it’s maybe a combination of lots of little things.

1.Premium Selections

I would say our selection is probably the most diverse selection that you’ll find for many states, not many places in the country.

2. Service that Sets the Standard

We pride ourselves on the service aspects of the business, which I think a lot of businesses today are more of, ‘Let’s just sell the product and get it out the door.’ We tend to do a full-service range, cleaning, repair, and different things that you may need as far as service after the sale, cutting your pad, and putting it down on your floor.

3. We Exceed Expectations:

I always say that expectations are different for us. So, I think what you would expect from Home Depot or an internet experience or whoever the big box maybe, maybe a department store or whatever, the expectations there are lower than at The Rug Gallery.

I may sell you the same product, or we may say the same product that you can buy somewhere else, but the expectation of how that product performs and how The Rug Gallery deals with you is at a different level.

So, I think that’s part of who we are. It’s an honor, basically, to be at the top of the heap, and it’s hard to maintain that position.

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