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Ikat Rugs (Video)

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In this video, Sam Presnell explains what Ikat Rugs are and where the patterns originated from, and shows off some examples of these fine rugs.


Ikat Rugs are very interesting and they have a bit of a jagged line to all the edges that you see in the designs. A lot of people wonder why they did that but, actually, an Ikat is actually a fabric, basically, that we call resist dyeing.

It would be like you would see in a batik, or you would see in a tie-dye situation, where it’s not exactly clear and crisp and you see a lot of distortions on those patterns where they join together. We take those original cloths and we weave them in the Persian fashion.

You can also see them done machine-made today, tufted. They’re made in about every category. It has really taken off. It’s funny how people think it’s a new modern design but, actually, these designs are hundreds of years old and were originally used as tunics or cloths and have a very unique history to them.

As you see, these rugs are really great textiles and really come off nice for anybody’s home and can mix really well with traditional rugs as well.

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