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I think the thing that separates The Rug Gallery, and what our difference is, is the “Try It Before You Buy It” program that we have. We’ve been doing this way of selling rugs for our history, almost 45 years. It allows you to come in, select several rugs, maybe three or four rugs, and to say, “Hey, I can’t really say that that’s the perfect rug.” We always say, “Why won’t you give it a try and take it home? There’s no obligation to you.” A lot of people will take us up on that which means they’ll take it home – sign it out, take it home, and bring it back within, usually, two to three days.”

Usually, we sell about 90% of our rugs that way because a rug looks a lot better at home than it does in the store. And it’s really hard to judge something in a store when you’re away from all your fabrics and what’s going on around your home. But I think the real difference today is a lot of people are buying online, and that’s one of those things that every brick and mortar store or specialty player, like a Rug Gallery, out there is that you don’t get to feel it, touch it, you don’t know anything about quality, you’re not sure about how it’s going to perform, what’s your situation you need it for? That “try it before you buy it”, and dealing with somebody who’s a brick and mortar store allows you to get a lot of information that you’re never going to be able to achieve online.

Judging quality is impossibility online, seeing color is impossibility online. Those are the things where “try it before you buy it” really come into play.

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