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Tribal Rugs: What You Need to Know

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While tribal rugs are often thought of as rugs that have a bold, geometric and “tribal” feeling design, they are actually classic Oriental rugs that are woven by nomadic tribes in the Middle East. Tribal rugs can be a gorgeous addition to any home or office.
What Are Tribal Rugs Made From?
Since tribal rugs are crafted by nomadic tribes, or tribes on the move, the material used to make these rugs is often natural wool. The tribes will herd sheep as they travel, and will shear them when enough wool can be harvested for rugs. The dyes for tribal rugs tend to be what can be found naturally, and often, these rugs are simply the natural colors of black and white wool. 

Where Can Tribal Rugs Be Displayed?

Because tribal rugs are handwoven, they tend to be “rougher” feeling and more folk-art looking than commercial types of rugs. No two designs will be exactly alike, and you’ll see a lot of variation in the colors and patterns from one tribal rug to another. You can display a tribal rug anywhere you like in your home or even in a business or office, either as a rug or on the wall as a tapestry.


Where to Purchase Tribal Rugs

At the Rug Gallery, we have a wide variety of Oriental rugs to choose from and can help you find authentic tribal rugs for someone wanting a specific look in a rug or the genuine rug enthusiast. Contact us today.

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